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Birmingham, AL Adoption Lawyer

Birmingham, AL Adoption Lawyer

Guiding Clients Through The Adoption Process in Jefferson, Shelby, and St. Clair Counties

One of the greatest joys people can experience is growing their family through the means of adoption. Welcoming any new child into the home with the help of an adoption attorney in Birmingham, AL is an exciting prospect but being able to adopt is an especially beautiful way to care for a child who might not have benefitted from such stable support and guidance.

Although this goal is ultimately a fulfilling one, the process getting there can be both complicated and confusing. Your emotions of hope and exhilaration can turn to frustration at the length of the adoption process and the mess of legal complexities without a competent adoption attorney in Birmingham, AL.

To help your adoption go more smoothly, reach out to the Law Office of Albert Moore. Our Birmingham, AL adoption attorneys have the knowledge and experience to powerfully represent your case to the court to move the procedures along so that your family can be united at last.

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Why You Need Our Trusted Birmingham Adoption Lawyer

Why You Need Our Trusted Birmingham Adoption Lawyer

You may be wondering whether it is necessary to have an adoption attorney in Birmingham, AL, or if you can get by on your own. While it is not mandated to have a lawyer, the adoption process in Alabama can be particularly complicated if you do not have legal counsel.

There are lengthy rules and formal standards that must be followed exactly, and just a minor incident or missing detail on a form can slow or halt the process altogether. Our Birmingham adoption lawyer can help you with all the complex nuances so that you can be joined with your new child as soon as possible.

Some of the ways that our adoption attorney in Birmingham, AL can help you include:

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From the moment you start preparing for adoption to the day that your adopted child finally takes your last name, we want to aid you in each stage. When you are looking to allay your anxieties, trust our Birmingham adoption lawyer to provide devoted representation all the way.

Ready to Start Your Adoption Journey? Call (205) 440-1442 or contact us online today. The Law Office of Albert Moore is here to guide you through the adoption process in Alabama.

How to Determine the Eligibility of an Adoptee Child

Eligibility for Children Under 14

If a child under the age of 14 is going to be adopted, the potential adoptive parents must first gain the confirmation from either the biological parents of the child, or the state itself, in the case that the parents are not around or have lost their right.

This can sometimes become a difficult situation when a birth mother initially gives her consent, but then changes her mind, or if the child appears to be abandoned, but the birth mother shows up later.

Eligibility for Children Over 14

If the child is over 14, then the adolescent minor needs to give their consent, except in the scenario that the minor is physically or mentally unable to consent. These situations clearly have additional complexities that can hinder the procedures. Having a dedicated attorney can make the difference in a successful adoption.
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