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Modification of Orders

Modification of Orders Attorney in Birmingham

Modification of Orders Attorney in Birmingham

Post-Decree Modifications in Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair Counties

Once the lengthy and arduous process of a divorce finally ends, you will probably be filled with an entire range of emotions, from sadness to relief that it is finally all over. Most people are ready to try to put the past behind them and move on to a new stage of their life. But what happens when an unexpected circumstance suddenly changes everything?

Perhaps you are moving to another state, and as the custodial parent, desire to bring your children with you. Alternatively, you may suddenly suffer from a debilitating accident or illness and require alimony support to get you back on your feet.

Many people do not know that divorce decrees are not etched in stone. When you need divorce agreements to be altered, reach out to our modifications lawyer in Birmingham. The Law Office of Albert Moore is devoted to help you with any alteration requirements.

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Getting a Modification When Children Are Involved

Getting a Modification When Children Are Involved

An especially challenging but necessary component of post-decree modifications often involves the two parties’ shared children. If you are relocating for a new job and want to take your children with you, you will require a modification.

Alternatively, if you have been receiving child support, but outstanding needs mean that more financial aid is necessary, you will need a modification as well. Whatever the circumstance is, the courts of Alabama require clear evidence that a significant change has occurred to alter the circumstances of custody, visitation, and support of the shared children of divorcees.

Some examples of situations which could warrant modification include:

Changing Alimony Orders

While you may desire to not have regular contact with your ex-spouse following a divorce, there are certain scenarios when it becomes necessary, particularly if one is relying on the other for alimony, or spousal support.

If one partner cannot work temporarily on account of having no job, lacking the ability to obtain government benefits, or suffering from a debilitating disease or injury, the other former spouse may help with monetary aid.

However, situations like these can quickly change. If the person paying alimony loses their employment, they may no longer be able to help with alimony. If the person gaining alimony gets a new job that covers their expenses, they are no longer eligible for support. For any complications with these alimony matters, our experienced modifications lawyer can help.

Dedicated Representation in Complicated Situations

Whenever you need to demonstrate to the court of Alabama your need for alterations following a sudden life change, reach out to the Law Office of Albert Moore.

While these scenarios can be tense and complicated, our modifications attorney in Birmingham can use tact and sensitivity in dealing with the opposing party, while firmly representing your needs in court.

Call us today at (205) 440-1442 or contact us online for knowledgeable help with your modification case.

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